„Everybody loves a good story“

 Tillman Franzen

Tillman Franzen

Franz is an editor, motion designer and cameraman with with a passion for rhythm, be it in storytelling or music. He operates comfortably both as a one-man-band, or as part of a larger team. Whether documenting and editing a high profile management meeting in Geneva or shooting an artist portrait in chiang mai you'll see a smile on his face. In addition to conceptualizing and producing commercial web video and content Franz also focuses on photography and post production. 

 The studio

The studio

Franz has directed and documented several several big management conferences and produced a few music videos and free projects including some web shorts. He has also produced and filmed a lot of internal communications material. Before concentrating on images he DJed internationally and ran a commercial music studio producing and recording music, winning him a red dot award for his audio and music contribution to a Gillette campaign in 2008. This makes him savvy in audio for video whenever needed. In the past 7 Years he produced a lot of internal communication material for small and big corporations while also being a motion contributor to CORBIS/GETTY.

Working and living in Düsseldorf, Franz loves to travel and brings two languages (German, English - Fluent) along with a lot of gear everywhere he goes. When not traveling for work he tries to be on the road pursuing personal projects. 

Clients and Collaborators include: HENKEL, BBDO, Uerige,  Bayer, Beiersdorf, Bobmobile, LÓREAL, Siemens, Smart, Tennagels, CORBIS, Anymotion, The Dorf, Rookie Communication, Vision Media, MoWEB, Estelle Klawitter, Tillmann Franzen, vom Hoff Communication and Jahns and friends.

Countries worked in: Austria, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Kroatia, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, India, The UK – Additional travel: Brasil, Cap Verde, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, USA.

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"Franz came out to produce a video in India for our volunteering company and was absolutely amazing. He was so organised and really brought out the vision and ethos of the company well. He understood what we wanted and produced a video that was just perfect for us! I would definately be calling Franz back as soon as I can to film another location. I would highly recommend Franz for anyone wanting to make a cool video as her really understands the customers view very well. "
Ridhi Patel
Founder of Volunteering Journeys

„Immer frisch und offen – und auch wenn’s mal komplexer wird völlig unkompliziert. Mit eigenem Kopf und trotzdem nah bei uns, vielen Dank!
tennagels Medientechnik

Die Zusammenarbeit mit F. Schuier war für mich, Stefan Huchler, immer etwas Besonderes.
Sie war geprägt von Kreativität, Schnelligkeit, Intellekt, Effizienz und einem sehr guten Gespür für das Machbare.
Dr. Stefan Huchler

"Kommunikationsprozesse in Unternehmen werden schneller und kurzlebiger. Die Planbarkeit nimmt stetig ab. Hingegen steigen die Anforderungen an Flexibilität und Kreativität um komplexe Zusammenhänge schnell begreifbar zu machen. Und das bei hoher Qualität. Mit BB™ haben wir einen Netzwerkpartner zur Seite, der diese Kriterien in vollem Umfang erfüllt."
Kai vom Hoff
vomHoff Kommunikation GmbH

“It’s a pleasure to work with Franz where a sense of artistic feel and a keen eye for meaningful images meet a fast, organized and absolute professional working style.“
Prof. Dr. Simone Roth
brand academy

I have been working in the Corporate World for the last 25 years and, since I can remember, writing a presentation was a sort of everyday hassle. Let’s be honest: who is looking forward putting on paper a boring, most of the time not useful collection of data? Well, I must admit that, since my collaboration with Franz started about 9 years ago, presentations became a pleasant experience.
Franz has the ability to listen and to interpret my thoughts, helping to create very professional but still appealing presentations. Whenever I needed his help, no matter how limited the time available, Franz was able to deliver on time and in quality.
The result were technically flawless, aesthetically pleasant presentations.
Nicola delli Venneri
NP&B International, LLC